Hoima CAO survives sex workers, wants facts about homosexuals

Mr Hannington Kiiza Asaba, the Hoima district ex-Assistant Chief Administrative Officer, during an engagement on Gender Based Violence (GBV) at Kijungu Hill Hotel in Hoima City.

The Ex-Assistant Chief Administrative Officer for Hoima district is questioning facts about the presence of homosexuals in Hoima city as normally claimed by human rights activists.

During an engagement on Gender Based Violence (GBV) at Kijungu Hill Hotel in Hoima city last week, Mr Hannington Kiiza Asaba said he has not proved the presence of homosexuals in the district.

“Civil Society Organisaitons may be wanting to appease donors. I want to see these people and hear their concerns directly. Society perception about them is of course negative as you have said because a lot [of bad words] is said about them”, he said.

Similarly, the officer never believed commercial sex workers existed until he was approached by a sex worker that tried to pull him off the street promising a service at Shs3,000 only.

Audio: Kiiza on homosexuals (English)

“There I confirmed that they exist and a lot needs to be done to address the plight of young girls which might turn into a bigger problem to society and they remain subject to stigma”, he said.

The officer who is currently serving as the Town Clerk for Bulindi Town Council now avoids that street he declined to mention whenever dark falls after that incident.

However, Mr Frederick Byenume, the District Health Inspector, said he could not doubt the presence of homosexuals in Hoima saying that he had even interacted with some of them as a health officer.

He appreciates that they also visit health facilities for services like other people.

Asked why it is hard to expose the trans-genders and other minority populations, Mary Alituha, the Project Officer at Child Rights Empowerment and Development Organisation (CEDO) said, those populations have their rights to privacy that need to be respected anywhere.

It is also determined by their safety and security in society given that the community perception about them is still negative.

Audio: Alituha on homosexuals (English)

A source at Hoima Regional Referral Hospital (HRRH) told Kazi-njema News last year that there are more than 150 homosexuals in Hoima city.

Kazi-njema Investigators have also witnessed a rapid emergence of stations of commercial sex workers in Hoima city and many urban centres in Hoima district.

Some community leaders especially from Kyangwali and Buseruka sub-counties in Kikuube and Hoima districts respectively have been expressing concern over the growing sex work business fearing that it puts young girls at risk of HIV/AIDS infection and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Commercial sex workers and trans- genders are said to be well networked and somewhat often move from one city to another in business.

The original biblical perspective of commercial sex and homosexuality is also negative like in the Traditional African Society (TAS) setting.


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