Hoima City Commissioner mobilises residents for opportunities in the oil industry

A graphic impression of Kabaale Industrial Park (KIP) in Hoima showing investment opportunities.

The Hoima Resident City Commissioner (RCC), Samuel Kisembo Araali, has mobilised people of Hoima and Bunyoro at large to position themselves for the opportunities in the oil industry as the country gears up for the pre-oil production infrastructure development.

At every platform he gets, Mr Kisembo spreads the message about the opportunities in the oil sector especially for the residents of Hoima city which is the major urban centre in Bunyoro region and the host of all the major oil industry projects in Uganda.

When he got an opportunity to speak to the congregation after an English service at St Peter’s Cathedral at Duhaga in Hoima city, the RCC urged Christians to stand strategic to emancipate themselves from poverty by exploiting every opportunity that is presented by the oil industry in their home area.

“Our people need economic development as they need to develop spiritually. Getting ready through improvement of whatever one is doing will help our people to benefit either directly or indirectly”, said Mr Kisembo.

Appearing on one of the local radio stations in Hoima last evening, Mr Kisembo, too, carried the message focusing on the latest development of signing a tripartite by the President of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museeveni and his Tanzanian counterpart, Samia Suluhu Hassan at Entebbe State House on Sunday.

Mr Kisembo explained how it is a tremendous achievement that gives light to the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) that will generate numerous opportunities especially to the youths.

Welders, plumbers, builders, electricians and scientists are among the persons that will get the opportunities at Uganda’s second largest Hoima International Airport, crude oil export pipeline hub, Uganda refinery, polymer and fertiliser industries, mixed (light/ medium) industries, ware housing and logistics and schools.

Also opportunities will be got in medical and education facilities, recreation areas and ago-processing among others.

The EACOP will transport crude oil from Hoima to Tanga in Tanzania for shipping overseas across the Indian Ocean.

It is a key to the developments of the Kingfisher, the Tilenga and oil refinery projects because they could not start oil production before knowing how that crude oil could be transported to the world market as they retained the remaining for refining at Kabaale oil refinery in Hoima district.  


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