Hoima City Council opposes Bugungu breakaway from Bunyoro

Hoima City Council Speaker, Mr Edward Isingoma. (Image: Samuel Baguma)

The Hoima City Council today (Thursday), November 10, 2022, unanimously opposed the secession of Bugungu from Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom.

During their extra-ordinary sitting at Hoima Resort Hotel in Hoima city, Ms Sylvia Nalumaga, the Leader of Government Business, presented the motion objecting to a section of Bagungu’s clamour to disaffiliate from Bunyoro.

She reasoned that remaining as one institution, makes Bunyoro stronger in all aspects.

Mr Brian Kaboyo, the Hoima City Mayor, does not see any call for disintegration putting it that it is key for all sub-ethnicities in Bunyoro to work collectively for the development of the region.

“For us we see no cause for secession because we are working together for development and that is the major point for unity. We are specifically interested in remaining as one people with one voice and with our one protected territory,” he says.

The Councillor for West Division, Mr Joshua Byenkya, says that remaining united is a sure way of developing Bunyoro especially at this time when oil and gas resources are being developed in the region.

“We can’t accept the secession because time is now when Bunyoro wants unity. If we are one like we have been, it will help us to engage the central government more than when we are disintegrated to ensure that the region develops.”

Mr Byenkya says historically, Bugungu is composed of many sub-ethnicities, thus, being weird to demand for the creation of Bugungu cultural institution.

“Those fighting for the secession are not talking about the formation of Bugungu kingdom because they know there are many sub-ethnic groups there including Batyaba who are also historically natives there. The agitators are fighting to ensure that Buliisa becomes an independent territory. For us, we are objected to the disintegration because we need one another to work together as we are doing for the development of our area.” Mr Byenkya says.

The Hoima City Council Speaker, Mr Edward Isingoma, says Hoima city council believes in Bunyoro remaining one cultural institution – the reason why an extra-ordinary meeting was convened to discuss the matter.

A section of Bagungu led by the Buliisa District Chairman, Mr Fred Lukumu and the former Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom Prime Minister, Mr Norman Lukumu want the establishment of the ‘Butebengwa bwa Buliisa.’

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