Hoima education officer calls for cohesion for improved academic performance 

Hoima Public primary school pupils in a classroom. (Image: File)

As Hoima city primary schools look forward to sitting their mock examination, the Hoima City Principal Education Officer, Mr Johnson Kusiima Baingana, calls for a cohesive cooperation between parents and teachers to improve on education performance in the city.

Mock examinations are often internally set and graded with intent to prepare and offer candidates some experience with the examination prior to the final national examination.

The set of mock exams for Hoima city is slated for Wednesday, 16th and Thursday 17th this month, according to Mr Baingana.

He said that the exams will commence with Mathematics paper in the morning and Social Studies in the afternoon on Wednesday and end with English in the morning and Science in the afternoon on Thursday 17th.

Having several sets of mock examinations done last year 2022, made Hoima city schools achieve more in Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) by having more than 905 candidates pass in first grade after also performing well in mock exams by getting 876 candidates in grade one, the City Principal Education Officer, disclosed.

Mr Baingana is more hopeful that having all the schools assessed with those exams will help to improve on the candidates’ academic performance in their final year exams as compared to last year.

He added that academic excellence assists in determining career opportunities ahead of pupils and also promotes the school identity.

The educationist said the purpose of sitting that examination is to assist teachers to assess their duties and test students’ capability to their PLE.

Mr Baingana cautioned parents, teachers or any other close stakeholders never underrate the importance of mock examinations since they are aimed at bolstering education performance among the citizens.

Audio: Baingana on importance of mock exams (English)

The education officer encouraged all schools and every student registered to sit the national PLE this year to endeavour to sit those exams since they are beneficial to the candidates.

However, during a close talk with our news reporter, Mr Baingana was unable to disclose the number of candidates who are ready to sit those examinations.

Ms Harriet Karungi Basemera, the head teacher of Hoima Public primary school, called upon parents to create enough room for their children to revise their books at home as they prepare to sit their mock exams.

She revealed that Hoima Public primary school has registered 200 primary seven candidates for PLE of whom 109 are female while 91 are male.

The head teacher also called for maximum cooperation from both parents and teachers in providing their children with all the required scholastic materials to which will help their candidates to pass with flying colours in those exams.

Meanwhile, Ms Basemera called upon all teachers to focus on revision of numerous past examination papers to make their candidates well equipped on how to approach different kinds of questions.

She also disclosed that they have prepared and done a lot to their candidates to pass.

Audio: Basemera on academic performance (English)

Mr Isaac Newton Munnu, the Hoima Central primary school head teacher, called for joint cooperation among all stakeholders in the education sector by joining up in their struggle to improve education performance in their schools.

He disclosed that Hoima Central primary school has registered 42 primary seven candidates of whom 19 are female while 23 are male.

The head teacher encouraged fellow education sector stakeholders to always start preparing their students from the lower sections of education to higher levels of academic performance.

Mr Munnu is optimistic that nurturing candidates at lower levels of learning will help to improve on academic performance.

Audio: Munnu on academic performance (English)


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