Hoima head teachers neglect internet opportunity

    Hoima Resident City Commissioner, Samuel Kisembo shows disappointment over school heads' failure to adopt internet usage.

    Hoima leaders have noted with concern the head teachers’ failure to embrace internet usage, an opportunity that can render their learners fit and compete favourably in the contemporary digital world.

    Speaking during a youth conference on digital rights, the Hoima Resident City Commissioner, Samuel Kisembo, was concerned that despite government commitment to promote internet accessibility all over the country, some head teachers are adamant to adopt and adapt to the rapid changing global information technology.

    Audio: Kisembo on head teachers (English)

    Asked about the application of his observation in accordance with the current government shutdown on Facebook that participants cited as unnecessary, Mr Kisembo defended the position and decision saying it is crucial for national security.

    “I tell you, we would be going through tough times now hadn’t the government resolved to shutdown internet during election. Take it in good will,” he defended.

    The Hoima City Deputy Mayor, Nelson Jimmex Busiinge, cautioned the youths against abusing social media platforms, advising that they should instead use them to promote national development.

    Audio: Busiinge on internet usage (English)

    Ms Vivienne Nattabi, a researcher at Unwanted Witnesses, organisers of the conference in Hoima City, urged parents to monitor their children closely while using internet to avoid its misuse.

    According to her, teachers could teach learners easily if they embraced internet connection since most of the information is readily available online.

    Audio: Nattabi on internet usage (English)

    Participants opposed the planned 12 per cent tax on internet to replace Over The Top (OTT) tax arguing that it will limit internet usage more.

    Hoima City Deputy Mayor, Nelson Jimmex Busiinge launches report dissemination in the Albertine region in Hoima City.

    During the engagement, the organisers disseminated a research report on digital rights and governance in Uganda, among other issues recommending the government to take deliberate action to increase coverage and speed all over the country and create more public awareness on internet usage.

    The study was conducted by Unwanted Witnesses between January and September 2020.


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