Hoima RCC reacts to poor health services at Bunyoro’s referral hospital

City Resident Commissioner, Samuel Kisembo Araali

The Resident City Commissioner (RCC) for Hoima city, Mr Samuel Kisembo has vowed to take tough action against any staff involved in corruption and bribery tendencies at Hoima Regional Referral Hospital (HRRH).

Speaking to our reporter after his meeting with the hospital administration he said, he had identified some administrational weaknesses that are causing efficiency in service delivery.

“I have noted that they are delaying to inform the National Medical Stores (NMS) to ensure that they get more supplies before they stock out. Essential medicine must be provided to people on time and in case certain drugs have stocked out, politely speak to the patients, they will understand”, he said.

He urged the hospital staff to always be hospitable to the patients as a fact of professionalism.

He was responding to allegations that medics are becoming unfriendly to clients yet the referral hospital is the final destinations for the sick in Bunyoro sub-region.

 According to him the hospital administration confessed to some of the allegations and promised to handle their suspected staff accordingly.

Mr Kisembo also banned with immediate effect the sale of oxygen to private health centres admitting COVID-19 patients. He says it is discrediting the government when patients find it exhausted by private clinics that can access oxygen on their own from Kampala and elsewhere.

Meanwhile some medics say, they have been demoralized by delayed payment of their salaries and allowances.

RCC Kisembo says he will keep his eye to the ground to ensure improvement of services there.

Residents of Hoima city have been condemning the government over allowing a private pharmacy to operate inside the government hospital where drugs are expected to be free.

Kangabaije, a pressure group in Bunyoro are demanding the closure of pharmacy on suspicion that government drugs are being sold there or influencing the hospital administration to relax from demanding the NMS to supply drugs on time.


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