Hoima resolves immediate burial as COVID-19 deaths rise

The Resident City Commissioner (RCC) for Hoima city, Samuel Kisembo Araali has directed that immediate burial takes place for the dead regardless of the cause of the death.

While speaking to Kazi-njema News, Mr Kisembo has said, as the COVID-19 Task Force, they have identified a potential spread of the virus because the community has failed to respect the presidential guidelines in absence of security officials.

According to him, the culture of burying their dear ones a day or two later after death is promoting gathering throughout the night where mourners completely forget about the SOPs.

“Whether someone has died from COVID-19 or not, burial must be immediate in respect of the SOPs. Leaders starting from the village level should strictly observe this because it is a matter of life and death”, he said.

Hoima city hosts Hoima Regional Referral Hospital which is a centre of collection of all COVID-19 cases in Bunyoro su-region.


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