Hoima Reverend warns students against homosexuality

The Reverend James Mbabazi of Bunyoro Kitara Diocese cum Chaplain of Mandela secondary school, Hoima. (Image: Gad Asaba/Kazi-njema News)

The Reverend James Mbabazi of Bunyoro Kitara Diocese, has urged students at all levels to avoid bad groups that can lure them into the act of homosexuality saying it goes against God’s purpose of creating both male and female.

In his sermon at the thanksgiving ceremony for the good performance in last year’s O’ and A’ levels examinations exhibited by Mandela secondary school in Hoima, the school chaplain warned the students that there are people with evil minds of luring them into the wicked Lesbianism Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer (LGBTQ) acts.

The priest cautioned the students to be alert as some organisations and individual people with a lot of money camouflage as donors to support their education financially yet aiming at recruiting them into gay acts.

Rev Mbabazi warned the students against accepting to be lured into those acts saying they spoil their relationship with God.

The chaplain added that in addition to being against God’s purpose, LGBTQ acts are unacceptable in the African culture and immoral.

Audio: Mbabazi on homosexuality (English)

The school proprietor, Dr Lawrence Bategeka, vowed not to entertain any acts of homosexuality in the school saying he has strongly encouraged every student and staff to be on the lookout for any community member at the school engaging in the abomination.

“We are not ready to let anyone import any LGBTQ acts in this school and I have ordered students to spy on each other and the matrons and patrons to be very vigilant and report to the administration any student engaging in those disgraceful acts for action.”

Adding: “When we made our school a single section, many people talked a lot that we wanted to promote LGBTQ acts to our students. But I started the school on a religious note and to teach students good and recommended culture within us, Uganda and Africa. Our students perform better because of the good morals we teach them. I urge all students going for higher education not to engage in LGBTQ acts after being taught good morals.”

Mr Edward Kyomuhendo, the Chairman Mandela Old Students Association, warned that however much the outgoing students will be insolvent, they should not accept to be dragged into the homosexual acts that do not even fulfill God’s blessing of man to multiply.

“We have seen students falling victims of LGBTQ because of poverty. But I want to tell you my fellow old students who are going to join university that poverty does not kill. So, you should not rush for quick money because being gay is satanic and targeting to reduce the African population since people of the same sex cannot produce a child. We join hands and strongly condemn and fight LGBTQ acts out of Uganda and Africa,” he said.


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