Hoima village chairpersons abuse power, lack administrative skills – RDC

Mr Emmy Kateera Turyabagyenyi, the Hoima Resident District Commissioner. (Image: File)

Village chairpersons in Hoima District are in the spotlight over reported abuse of their administrative offices in the execution of service to communities and undermining their executive members.

The Hoima Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Mr Emmy Kateera Turyabagyenyi, says reports to his office indicate that some chairpersons travel with village stamps away from their administrative areas; creating a disservice vacuum to the service seekers.

He discloses that in some instances, the chairpersons delegate their spouses to provide services to communities yet they are not part of members in elective positions in their villages – the work which by law should instead be done by vice chairpersons.

The RDC adds that it has also been noted that some chairpersons instruct their wives on who should have their documents stamped yet it is a government property intended to serve all people in need of the service in their areas.

Mr Turyabagyenyi criticises village chairpersons for lack of dispute-solving skills saying at some point they have been cited as witnesses in disputes yet continue presiding over those cases causing conflict of interest in their verdicts.

As such, he accuses them of partly being sources of insecurity in their areas.

To solve this, Mr Turyabagyenyi says the district authorities plan an induction course for all especially newly elected village chairpersons in the district so they can be guided on what to do and how to execute their duties in line with the law.

Audio: Turyabagyenyi on chairpersons (Runyoro-Rutooro/Runyankole-Rukiga)

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