Hoima woman MP under fire for assaulting her Political Assistant

Rachael Asiimwe bleeds after assault allegedly by Hoima woman MP, Harriet Busiinge.

The Hoima District woman Member of Parliament, Harriet Busiinge, is under fire for purportedly assaulting her Political Assistant (PA), Rachael Asiimwe.

Asiimwe, who has already recorded a statement at Hoima Police Station told reporters that Busiinge assaulted her for allegedly recording proceedings of the meeting that was underway at the legislator’s home in Kasasa Rukooge, West Division in Hoima City on Sunday.

Asiimwe said Busiinge turned against her after she asked her pay her salary arrears for 16 months after accessing confidential documents indicating that Busiinge had acquired a loan of Shs800m in August, this year, but she was unwilling to pay her.

The PA also said her boss dwelt on rumours that she was planning to stand against her in the 2026 elections as district woman Member of Parliament, something Asiimwe denied.

“Busiinge came and grabbed me asking why I was recording proceedings of the meeting using my smartphone. Together with her husband; they overpowered me and dragged me inside a room, closed the door and beat the hell out of me until I bled profusely. Busiinge also took away my phone. When they stopped beating me, they forced me to sign on a document that they were demanding me some money which I had to pay starting with October. Because of the too much pain inflicted on me and for fear of my life by the already bloodthirsty couple, I succumbed and signed the document and then they let me go”. Asiimwe told the press at her hospital bed on Monday.

When contacted, Busiinge denied roughing up Asiimwe claiming that she was instead clobbered by the law maker’s political supporters for allegedly fleecing them of their money.

“I received several complaints from my supporters saying that Asiimwe was conning them of their money. She used my phone to call those people and trick them. Some of the people Asiimwe conned stormed my home on Sunday prompting me to call her to defend herself. Instead, she turned hostile against my supporters prompting them to pounce on her,” Busiinge claimed.

When contacted, the Albertine region police publicist, ASP Julius Allan Hakiza, said Asiimwe has already recorded a statement with the police though it was yet to summon the legislator to record hers.

Asiimwe has been working for Busiinge for 10 years.

Hoima District woman Member of Parliament, Harriet Busiinge (R) with her PA, Rachael Asiimwe.

It is believed that Asiimwe was among the people including Busiinge’s driver, Henry Gama, who were sent to beat up Beatrice Wembabazi commonly known as Teacher Mummy when she stood against her last year.

The incident took place on August 20, 2020, when Wembabazi was returning from her political rally at Runga landing site at the shores of Lake Albert in Kigorobya sub-county.

Reports indicated that Businge’s supporters blocked Wembabazi near Kiryateete landing site and Gama – the legislator’s driver jumped out of the vehicle and assaulted her and her driver, Julius Birungi.

Wembabazi was rushed to EDPA Medical Centre in Hoima city in comatose before being referred to Mulago National Referral Hospital as her health deteriorated.

Beatrice Wembabazi in High Dependence Unit at Mulago Hospital after being assaulted.

However, she responded to treatment.

Hoima police summoned Busiinge and recorded a statement as her driver Gama hid.


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