How lightning links to environmental conservation

Lightning strikes


  1. Trees too close to your house make your home susceptible to lightning strikes
  2. Lightning strikes will increase alongside deforestation
  3. You are at high risk if your house has no trees at all in the surrounding
  4. Certain trees are good natural lightning arresters as long as the distance from the house is calculated at planting

An environmentalist has warned that the degradation of forests will increase the risk of lightning amid increased possession of electronic gadgets.

In an interview with Kazi-njema News, Mr Moses Semahunge, the Project Manager for Bulindi Chimpanzee and Community Conservation Project said lightning strikes cannot be distanced from general environmental conservation issues.

“If you do not have a lighting arrester on your house and there is no tree around, your house becomes vulnerable to lightning strikes. If there happened to be a tree it could help to trap the lightning since it will be the tallest object around”, said Mr Semahunge.

However, the forester notes that trees around your home should be located at least 60 metres away to ensure that you are safe from the impact of lightning.

Sound bite: Semahunge on lightning and conservation (English)
Mr Moses Semahunge, Project Manager, Bulindi Chimpanzee and Community Conservation Project.

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