Journalists react to climate change in Uganda’s oil region

Broadcaster Emmy Prosper Kaliisa alias Rayzo Kruzz, presents in the studios of Biiso FM in Biiso Town Council, Buliisa District.

Journalists in the Albertine region have started taking deliberate action to use their influence to capture the attention of the majority youths towards promotion of environmental conservation.

At Biiso FM in Buliisa District, individual presenters have integrated skits on environmental conservation in radio shows that were initially meant for entertainment.

This action has been motivated by the growing environmental disasters including prolonged droughts and the current devastating floods on Lake Albert.

Buliisa is home to the Tilenga Project which is one of the major oil projects in the Albertine region.

Emmy Prosper Kaliiisa, a presenter for ‘Biiso@dot-com’ show explains to Kazi-njema News how he is pulling the attention of the youths towards environmental protection.

Meanwhile, Zephaniah Ikiriza, the Programme Director at Biiso FM says it is still challenging to ensure that all presenters embed an element of conservation since they like love music and current affairs that are mainly politics and business.

“It is not easy because these youth presenters like love music and certain things forgetting about environment that concerns every living organism”, says Mr Ikiriza.

Following the initiative at Biiso FM, Kabagambe Kamanda, the Buliisa Sub-county Chairman in Bulisa district, commends the radio station for the recent move to mobilise the community for environmental conservation on their own.

He pledges every necessary support urging other stakeholders to come on board. The Buliisa district Chief Administrative Officer, Simon Bimbona, urges all stakeholders to take advantage of the current floods that the young generation have witnessed to step up the campaign against encroachment on wetlands and the general environmental degradation.

This feature is brought to you with support from Global Greengrant Fund (GGF).


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