Kabakumba tasked to explain how she bought 690 acres of land at Shs3.5m

Former Bujenje County MP, Ms Kabakumba Labwoni Matsiko

The Parliamentary Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (COSASE) has directed ex-Minister for Presidency, Ms Kabakumba Labwoni Matsiko to explain how she bought 390 acres of land at Sh3.5m.

Ms Kabakumba is also directed to adduce evidence that she completed payment of the money after it emerged that she paid the first installment of Sh350,000 which is 10 percent of the entire amount.

The committee chaired by Makindye East Member of Parliament, Mr Ibrahim Kasozi said basing on the transaction details that took place in 2006, Ms Kabakumba, also former legislator for Bujenje County in Masindi District bought the land at Sh5,067 per acre.

The taskforce added that given that tune, there was usher undervalue of the land that is located in Ms Kabakumba’s constituency that she formerly represented to parliament.

Mr Kasozi said: “In his report on departed Asians’ properties, the Auditor General pointed out that some ministers used their influence to take over properties at a lower cost”.

The former parliamentarian moved to evict people staying on the land that covers Ikoba, Buhanga and Kityedo Villages in Bwijanga Sub-county, Masindi District.

Ms Kabakumba had yesterday gone to Parliament to defend herself after the affected residents petitioned the select taskforce of COSASE about the eviction.

However, the select taskforce did not hear the petition after learning that Ms Kabakumba had sued the residents on the land and the case that was filed in 2017 was up for mediation.

Despite this, Mr Kasozi said that the taskforce should inquire into how Ms Kabakumba bought the land from government without interfering with the matter in court.

In her defence, Ms Kabakumba said she completed payment of the land in question and was ready to produce the documents as evidence. She requested the committee to help her to photocopy the documents.

“I request that this committee helps me with photocopying services so that I leave the information,” she requested.

Mr George William Bizibu, the Executive Secretary of the Departed Asians Properties’ Custodian Board, told the legislators that the available information on the file states that the process of disposing of the land was properly handled.

“According to the file, the Minister of Finance dealt with this file in accordance with the law.”

Nonetheless, the MPs insisted that they should get the information on the Departed Asians properties file and from Ms Kabakumba for comparison.


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