Kabuleta remanded

Former presidential candidate, Mr Joseph Kiiza Kabuleeta.

Former presidential candidate cum President of the National Economic Empowerment Dialogue (NEED), Mr Joseph Kabuleta, has been arraigned before Nakawa Chief Magistrates Court for allegedly promoting sectarianism among the Banyarwanda, Banyankole and Bahima.

Mr Kabuleta appeared before Chief Magistrate, Ritah Neumbe Kidasa, who remanded him to Luzira prison until December 14, 2022 when he will be returned to court to further mention the case.

The magistrate informed Mr Kabuleta that she was constrained with time as she had other court matters to attend to hence she could not hear to his bail application.

Mr Kabuleeta and his lawyer, Remmy Bagenda were then advised to apply for bail on December 14, 2022, despite repeated pleas to reconsider her decision.

His lawyer wanted him released on bail explaining that he had to take his daily medication.

In her response, the magistrate advised Mr Kabuleta to access his doctor while in prison.

Prosecution led by Doreen Elima states that through a video he posted on his official youtube channel, Mr Kabuleta made statements likely to cause disaffectionate, hostility, raise discontent and ill feelings among the Banyarwanda , Bahima and Banyankole people.

Mr Kabuleta is jointly charged with one Ms Prossy Nayebare who has been summoned to appear in court during the next session for allegedly promoting sectarianism contrary to Section 41 (1) of the Penal Code Act Cap 120.

Mr Kabuleta, 50, was arrested from his NEED party offices at Bugolobi in Kampala on Monday by plain-clothes security operatives before he was bundled into a waiting van commonly known as a drone and driven away for an offence he allegedly committed five months ago in May 2022.


According to the charge sheet signed by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Jane Frances Abodo, Mr Kabuleta, Ms Nayebare and others still at large on or about May 30, 2022, made/uttered and published on a YouTube channel “Joseph Kabuleta” titled “National Economic Empowerment Dialogue-Press Conference” statements contained in a video which are likely to create alienation or despondency, raise discontent or disaffection and promote feelings of ill will or hostility among Banyarwanda, Bahima and Banyankole.


If convicted of sectarianism, Mr Kabuleta faces up to five years in jail.

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