Kagadi rejects ‘Butebengwa’ breakaway from Bunyoro Kingdom

Owek Francis Mugerwa, the Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom Communication Manager, addresses Kagadi District Council today Wednesday, November 23, 2022. (Image: Courtesy)

Kagadi District Council has become the 7th political administrative unit in Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom to vote against the plan to create an independent cultural institution of the Bagungu people based in Buliisa District that they prefer calling ‘Bugungu.’

A section of Bagungu that have chosen to speak boldly for the breakaway have proposed calling their institution ‘Butebengwa.’

A decade has past as the ideology of disunity builds up.

After their issue hooking headlines in the past three months, Kagadi district council has been the latest to vote against dismemberment of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom in a pace of two weeks.

The motion was moved today (Wednesday), November 23, 2022, by the Kagadi District Vice Chairman, Mr Peter Sebugwaho who is also the district councillor for Mabaale town council and seconded by Ms Oliver Irumba, the female district councillor for Mabaale and Nyabutanzi sub-counties and Mr Edward Birungi, councillor for Mabaale sub-county.

A delegation from Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom (BKK) officials led by Owek Francis Mugerwa, the institution’s Communication Manager present spoke to the council.

In his presentation Owek Mugerwa, centred on the historical significance of Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom, kingdom development programmes and the importance of all clans and counties remaining in solidarity.

The council unanimously approved the motion backing Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom to remain in its current geographical boundaries, according to the statement issued by Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom.

Masindi, Kikuube, Kakumiro and Kibaale districts appear on the list of those that have opposed the creation of ‘Butebengwa’ in the past two weeks.

Kagadi town council and Hoima city are other administrative units with the same view point.

The common reason given for not supporting the breakaway of Buliisa County – home of the Bagungu people who prefer referring it as ‘Bugungu’ is that it will weaken Bunyoro Kingdom.

Bagungu is one of the Laker-traditional sub-division of the Banyoro people. Other sub-divisions include the Bachope, Batyaba, Bakibiro, Banyabuyaga, Bagangaizi and Bakobya.

The Buliisa District Chairman, Mr Fred Lukumu and his close associate in the Bugungu breakaway ideology, ex Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom Prime Minister, Mr Norman Lukumu have been quoted saying that they miss a lot when they remain under the Hoima city headquartered Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom.

The say they feel their language and other cultural aspects would be better promoted when they are independent and that it could help them to attain high positions in the central government that sits on the foundation of the British colonialists.

Some Bagungu including Mr Stephen Birahwa Mukitale – the former Buliisa county Member of Parliament, have been describing the idea of breakaway as ‘selfish’ whose negative consequences will sooner or later overshadow the merits being presented.

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