Katumba seeks polling agents in Masindi

John Katumba in Masindi (Courtesy photo)

Independent presidential candidate, John Katumba, yesterday (Wednesday) traversed Masindi town canvassing for polling agents.

Mr Katumba, who arrived in town at 4:30pm, first camped at Kijura market square about a kilometre away from the main town, where he requested people to offer him support as agents.

“We would like to call upon whoever is interested in working as our agent to register with us. On polling day, no one should give in to intimidation initiated by some people but rather stand firm and safeguard the votes,” he said.

The presidential candidate traversed different areas of Kijura before heading to Masindi town where he promised to construct a modern market if elected.

While chatting with a few elderly persons, Mr Katumba pledged to offer retirement benefits to persons aged 50 and above.

“Not only those who have been working in government, should earn retirement benefits. Every person who has been voting deserves a package to start up something. My policy will be for those 50 years and above and not like the current government which is giving only Shs 25,000 per month to those aged 75 and above,” Mr Katumba said.

With ululations from the crowd, Mr Katumba said the entire Bunyoro region deserves to have a public university in order to contribute to the development of the education sector

Mr Mahmud Byaruhanga, 18, said: “Katumba inspires me because now I know that even a young person can contest for a top office in government. If given chance to work as his agent, I would ensure that I avoid riots but keep a keen eye on the votes.”

Mr Ismail Azinduka said Mr Katumba is a social young man who deserves to be supported to attain presidency.

“As a country, we have been faced with many challenges including corruption and we hope Katumba would fight such if given office,” Mr Azinduka said.

Mr Katumba’s visit to Masindi was his second in the last two months.


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