Kikuube leaders call for unity as construction of district headquarters commences

The Kikuube District Chairman, Mr Peter Banura Araali, breaking the ground for the construction of Kikuube District Headquarters at Kisambo Cell in Kiziramfumbi Town Council in Kikuube District on Tuesday, March 8, 2023. (Image: Gad Asaba)

The Buhaguzi East County Member of Parliament in Kikuube District has urged political leaders and technocrats in the district to harmonise to ensure that the construction of the district administration block and service delivery are free from hitches emanating from their differences.

Mr Steven Aseera’s urge follows the ground breaking ceremony for the construction work of the Kikuube district local government headquarters on Tuesday, March 7, 2023, at Kisambo Cell in Kisambo Ward, Kiziramfumbi Town Council.

The legislator also said completion of the physical buildings should be translated into the expected better service for the betterment of the entire people of Kikuube.

Audio: Aseera on unity (English)

The Buhaguzi County Member of Parliament, Mr Francis Kazini, also highlighted the need to embrace coherence among all stakeholders saying it is a vehicle towards better service to the end users and a driver for development in diversity.

He pointed at politicians, technocrats, the contractor, the civil society and other stakeholders as an important cohort responsible for transforming the district into a better area.

The lawmaker said although people experience misunderstandings and disunity, it is wise to solve the problem and steer development in any area for the sake of development.

Audio: Kazini on unity (English)

Mr Juma Ibrahim, the Chairman Kikuube Town Council, urged the neighbouring communities where the district headquarters are being constructed to be vigilant and report to the authorities any misconduct in the form of stealing and vandalising building materials at the site.
“When we just look at people stealing building materials, we will be betraying our district. We need to apply joint efforts to see that the work done is recommendable. Everybody must be a monitor of this construction project such that the block can be well constructed. As leaders, this time we need to be focused and fully supervise the construction work. Our work should not end at the launch waiting to go back to the site for commissioning,” he said.

Launching the construction project, the Kikuube District Local Government Chairman, Mr Peter Banura Araali, also observed the importance of unity among the stakeholders saying it requires synergy for work to be successful.

Audio: Banura on unity (English)
Construction materials for the Kikuube District Headquarters at Kisambo Cell in Kisambo Ward, Kikuube Town Council in Kikuube District. (Image: Gad Asaba)

The chairman said the strategic positioning of the district headquarters at Kisambo cell – a gateway to Hoima International Airport, will be beneficial to the residents financially.

He also said once complete, the building will save the district from paying the colossal sum of rental fees for the desirable office space.

Speaking at the ground breaking ceremony, the Kikuube district Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Ms Dorothy Ajwanga, said the project will have the construction process done in phases with the first one beginning with the ground floor which will house 20 offices, a district council hall and internal flash toilets.

The first phase that will cost Shs2.2b will also see the construction of a perimeter wall in place and planting of trees in the compound, according to the CAO, adding that the Shs5.5b-three-storeyed building will save the district from the quarterly rent payment of Shs6m for the offices.

Construction work for the first phase is projected to be complete in six months.

“We shall start with the construction of the ground floor block because we have little money which can’t complete the whole building at this time. The current phase will cost Shs2.2b and the whole building project will cost Shs5.5b. But the completion of this three-storeyed building will need joint efforts to be completed.” Ms Ajwanga said.

Kikuube district local government secured Shs2.2b from the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) under the Development Response to Displacement Impact Programme (DRDIP) for the construction of the district administration block ground floor.

The administration block is sitting on a 10-acre-piece of land.

The contract was awarded to cmd Investments Ltd that deals in among others home construction sector.


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