Kikuube RDC implements directive on Kabango land dispute

The Kikuube Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Mr Amlan Tumusiime (2nd left) gives a letter carrying a directive from the State Minister for Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Dr Sam Mayanja to Mr Bernard Bwabwiso (R) in the presence of the Kabwoya Sub-county Local Government Chairman, Mr Francis Twesige Mukoto (L). (Image: Gad Asaba/Kazi-njema News)

The Kikuube Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Mr Amlan Tumusiime, has implemented the ministerial directive to protect the land rights of a 55-year-old man that he lost in an eviction four years ago.

The man identified as Bernard Bwabwiso was given a letter carrying a directive from the State Minister for Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Dr Sam Mayanja, advising Mr Tumusiime to ensure that the evictee reoccupies his 47-acre-piece of land.

A resident of Kyarulyaka village in Kabwoya sub-county, Kikuube district, Babwiso has for the past four years been living in Kagadi district after eviction.

The minister’s letter dated on December 27, 2022, directed the RDC to make arrangements to return Mr Bwabwiso to his land after being allegedly evicted by Dickman Kavuma claiming that he had bought the land in dispute from Kabango Farmers Association.

The same minister also ordered the return of a 93-year-old man to his 63 acres of land that he had lost to Pastor Stephen Kyebambe 10 years ago at Kinogozi village in Buhimba sub-county, Kikuube district which the RDC said has already been implemented.

“I am implementing the minister’s directive and whoever will be caught on this land without permission form [Mr] Bwabwiso will be arrested and charged with criminal trespass,” said Mr Tumusiime.

Audio: Tumusiime on implementation (English)

Mr Francis Twesige Mukoto, the Kabwoya Sub-county Local Government Chairman, witnessed the return to land of Mr Bwabwiso, attributing the conflict to a lack of land title.

“I think to reduce such cases the government must allocate more land titles to the people who are vulnerable especially at this time when there is a growing demand of land for sugarcane growing,” he said.

Audio: Mukooto on land titles (English)

After receiving the letter carrying the minister’s directive to the security to facilitate his re-occupancy of the disputed land, Mr Bwabwiso appreciated the RDC’s office, Minister Mayanja and the government in general for helping him to regain his land rights four years later.

“I hope to resume my normal developments because my children had dropped out of school. I had nowhere to cultivate but now I am very happy,” he said.

However, the land he is returned to is almost fully developed with sugarcane plantation casting doubt on how he will start using it free from malicious damage and criminal trespass charges as well.

Efforts to get a comment from Mr Kavuma alleged to be his evictor and owner of sugarcane plantation of the 47-acre-disputed piece of land were futile as his known phone lines were off by publication time.

If Mr Bwabwiso successfully regains his land, it will be a positive testimony to the powers of ministers in relation to land conflicts.

Many directives of ministers do not bear fruits since land title holders seem to respect court orders than ministers’ directives.

In the nighbouring Hoima district, Kapaapi land evictees were allegedly re-evicted when they tried to regain land in response to a similar directive from the minister.


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