Kikuube turns to environmental protection campaign

Kikuube District Chairman, Peter Banura, has taken an initiative to protect the environment. (Photo: Gad Asaba)

The Kikuube District Chairman is concerned that the would-be protectors are otherwise the perpetrators of environmental destruction in Bunyoro Sub-region.

Mr Peter Banura wonders that forests and water bodies are aggressively attacked and destroyed by environmental insensitive people, though well aware that the negative impact of their action on biodiversity.

To reverse such environmental insensitivity, the chairman says it is important for everyone to know how important it is to preserve the surroundings especially at this time when Uganda is heading to oil production.

He reveals that Kikuube district has initiated an annual activity that will keep on reminding people of the danger of destroying the environment by always organising an Environmental Week.

He says the event will always fall on every June 5 –the World Environment Day adding that this year’s activity will feature bicycle race from Kiziranfumbi to Kyangwali. Participants will be awarded with various prizes including Shs1m, Shs800,000 and Shs500,000.

Audio: Banura on activity (Runyoyo/Rutooro)

Mr Banura says there will be mass sensitisation campaigns about the importance of a good environment to all life and how people even at individual level can benefit from it through tourism.

Audio: Banura on campaign (Runyoyo/Rutooro)

Mr Banura vowed that during his regime, action will be taken against anybody who destroys the environment warning against politicising the campaign against environmental destruction.

Audio: Banura on politicisation (Runyoro/Rutooro)


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