Kinyara resumes golf tournament after 2-year-lull

Ms Caroline Amongin, the Corporate Communications Manager Kinyara Sugar Ltd. (Image: Moses Andama/Kazi-njema News)

At last, after the Covid-19 induced pause, Kinyara Golf Tournament has resumed with 127 golfers participating in a two-day action organised by the management of Kinyara Sugar Ltd.

Geoffrey Angudri, the Captain Kinyara Golf Club, says the 24th edition attracted 27 male and female professional golfers and 100 amateurs from across the country.

He says through the activity, the club positions itself to identifying, nurturing and developing talented golfers so they can excel to greater heights.

Jennifer Opio, the former Lady Captain Uganda Golf Club (UGC) female golfers section, says the sport needs more funding so that it can be promoted in the country though there is increased interest in the game compared to the previous years.

She especially calls upon the youth to pick interest in Golf like other sports activities.

A golfer takes a shot into a hole at Kinyara Golf Club in Masindi District. (Image: Moses Andama/Kazi-njema News)

Caroline Amongin, the Corporate Communications Manager Kinyara Sugar Ltd, reveals that the golfers who participated in the game bagged home different prizes including television sets and sugar while others were awarded certificates.

She says Kinyara Sugar Ltd injected more than Shs10m in the annual event that attracted several participants after a lull due to the outbreak of Covid-19 in 2019.

“We have been able to get more than 120 participants which is a great achievement for the management. We look forward to improving the talents of golfers in the country which will be of great benefit to them and the citizens since sports has cut across the age limit and more so, a source of income,” she says.

The tournament began on Friday and ended on Saturday.

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