Make timely alerts to reduce flood effects – CICOA tells gov’t

Women wade through the once passable dry road that was later flooded by the water of Lake Albert. They were coming from Kawaibanda village to Boma village in Butyaba Sub-county, Buliisa District in 2020. (Image: File)

As floods continue to ravage low lying parts of western Uganda, the government has been challenged to improve its system of disaster alerts.

In its statement to the press, the Citizens Concern Africa (CICOA) says timely alerts can help to reduce the impact of floods to the vulnerable communities.

The call comes as national reports say at least 20 people have died due to flooding in their respective areas across the country since May started.

CICOA says it is also concerned about the major infrastructure, homes and property swept away by the floods in different parts of the country.

High rainfall, inadequate drainage, encroachment on wetlands, river banks and degradation of hilly areas are some of indisputable causes of flooding.

“We call upon the government of Uganda to take immediate action to consider finding long-term solutions to control flooding and its effects. It should invest in better drainage infrastructure, wetland protection and effective warning systems to alert citizens of coming floods,” part of the statement reads.

CICOA also calls for collaboration between the government, civil society organisations, cultural and religious leaders to ensure flood victims get appropriate assistance.

It also calls upon the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) to withdraw all permits issued allowing developments in wetlands as one of the signs of its renewed commitment to reverse the trend of environmental degradation and its effects.


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