Man kills father for calling him bachelor in Nwoya

A 24-year-old man has killed his father for calling him a bachelor who needed to stop bothering his parents for food in Nwoya District.

The fugitive Boniface Labanya, a resident of Pakiya Village in Lii Sub-county kicked his 50-year-old father, Richard Oneka, yesterday (Wednesday), July 7, 2021, at around 9pm and died on the spot.

Ms Jennifer Awor, wife to the deceased said shortly after the duo returning home from a drinking joint, the deceased told his son how he is a bachelor who needed to stop bothering the elderly for food to eat because he is mature enough to marry.

She said her husband uttered this little knowing that it would anger his son. This resulted in Labanya fighting his father.

The widow said efforts to separate the two failed since they were too strong for her.

“As a woman, I am less strong and when I tried to separate them, I totally failed. I failed to stop the fight that has ended my husband’s life!” she wept.

Ms Awor explained that her killer son has on several occasions been a menace to the family as he kept on fighting his father.

“Early this year, he [Labanya] nearly killed his father because of using too much force on him while drunk,” she continued.

Mr Quito Okello said he learned about his cousin brother’s death at around 11pm and reported the incident to Koch Goma police station today where a murder case was registered under reference SD 07/08/ 2021.

Mr Okello said a postmortem report released this afternoon indicates that Oneka died of the injuries he sustained in his ribs.

“I was shocked when I reached home only to find my cousin brother’s lifeless body in the house. He was no more! He was dead!” Said Mr Okello. 

Audio: Okello on death (Luo)

Justine Odong Ajaji, the Lii Sub-county Chairman, blames the incident on excessive consumption of alcohol adding that it drunkenness has become the order of the day in the area.

“I was told the deceased father mocked his son that it was time for him to get a wife that given his age, he had to stop bothering elderly people for food to eat, something which didn’t go well with him as he instead pounced at the father and started fighting him,” Mr.Ajaji says.

The politician warned the youths against drug abuse saying they end up ruining their lives and committing crimes that land them into prison. 

Kenneth Agaba, the officer in charge of Nwoya Central Police Station, says police were hunting for Labanya to answer charges of murder.

The law

According to Article 188 of the Penal Code Act, any person who of malice aforethought causes the death of another person by an unlawful act or omission, commits murder and shall be sentenced to death as maximum punishment.


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