Masindi court dismisses Kasule’s application against Electoral Commission

High Court in Masindi has dismissed an application filed by former parliamentary contestant for West Division, Hoima City, Mr Ismail Kasule who sought court order to compel the Electoral Commission (EC) produce eight items before his election petition proceeds.

Mr Kasule, who subscribes to the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) party also dragged to court his political rival cum West Division Member of Parliament, Dr Joseph Ruyonga (NRM) accusing him of allegedly committing several electoral malpractice offences.

Through his lawyers, Richard Kiboneka and Janet Murungi of M/s Nyanzi & Mbabazi Advocates, the petitioner filed an application asking court to compel the EC to produce the register for West Division constituency that was used on the polling day for directly elected Members of Parliament.  

Mr Kasule also wanted the EC to provide him and his agents with evidence of delivery of the West Division voters register, a copy of the 57 memory cards/ Micro SD used/ inserted in the 59 Biometric Voter Verification Kits (BVVK) devices at the 59 polling stations on the polling day.

He again wanted the return of the number of voters verified and logged in the BVVK and Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT).

But in his verdict, Justice Alex Ajiji, dismissed the application and ordered each party to meet its costs.


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