Masindi Muslim community urged to promote unity

The Head of Sheikhs in Uganda, Abdul Obed Kamulegeya.

The Sheikh of Sheikhs in Uganda, Abdul Obed Kamulegeya, has challenged Muslims to promote and embrace unity, peace and tranquility for the country to develop.

Sheikh Kamulegeya sounded the call while addressing the Muslim community during prayers held at Kihande Mosque in Masindi Municipality on Monday (yesterday).

During the prayers organised for peaceful elections and enabling the country overcome the COVID-19 pandemic, Sheikh Kamulegeya asked the Muslims to always resolve their differences amicably to avoid conflicts that undermine the Muslim solidarity.

Audio: Kamulegeya on unity (Luganda)

“Muslims should avoid unending differences like belonging to the Kibuli, Old Kampala and Tabliq factions. How constructive are those differences? If you a Tabliq or you belong to Old Kampala be there as a Moslem. You should unite. That’s the message I am preaching for you to be one family,” Sheikh Kamulegeya said.

The Muslim cleric said by organising the prayers, Masindi Muslim leadership’s action is the ultimate way of fighting problems and seeking God’s intervention.

The chairperson Masindi Town Mosque who was also the chairperson organising committee for the prayers, Sheikh Yahaya Abdulnur Sozi, urged Ugandans to promote peace as the country goes to the polls Thursday, January 14, 2021.

“This prayer was organised for two reasons including praying to Allah to free Uganda from COVID-19 and also to help us through these elections because candidate is suitable. It’s Allah who will help us out of all this.” 

Audio: Sozi on prayer (Luganda)


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