Masindi religious leaders pledge to partner with Bunyoro kingdom

Bunyoro Kitara PM, Andrew Byakutaaga and Masindi District District Kadhi, Shk Safian Mugisa, sing the kingdom anthem together with the Muslim faithful in Masindi yesterday (Thursday), February 4, 2021.

Religious leaders in Masindi District have pledged to work with Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom to enable it achieve its developmental goals for the benefit of the population.

Leading the kingdom delegation, the Premier, Andrew Kirungi Byakutaaga held meetings with the Bishop of Masindi Kitara Diocese, the Rt Rev George William Kasangaki and the Masindi District Kadhi, Sheikh Safian Mugisa.

During the meetings, Mr Byakutaaga briefed the religious leaders about the current and upcoming developments in the kingdom including the establishment of the much advocated for public university in Bunyoro, promoting and preserving culture and revamping the socio-economic welfare of the subjects.

The Prime Minister also shared with the clerics some issues affecting Bunyoro, calling for solidarity in addressing them.

PM Byakutaaga hands over Omukama Iguru’s portrait to the Bishop of Masindi Kitara Diocese, George William Kasangaki yesterday (Thursday), February 4, 2021.

At Masindi Kitara diocese, Bishop Kasangaki took the Prime Minister on a tour around St Mathew’s Cathedral Church that is under construction and to the Bishop’s House while the Masindi District Kadhi, Sheik Mugisa showed the Premier the first mosque in Bunyoro that was built by Prince Aramanzani Mwirumubi, one of Omukama Kabaleega’s sons.

While there, it was shared that the land on which Kihande Mosque sits was donated by the kingdom and so is that one that hosts Masindi Kitara Diocesan installations.

Mr Byakutaaga hands over a photo containing the map of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom to the Masindi District Kadhi, Shk Safian Mugisa, as other Muslim faithful look on yesterday.

The ongoing engagements are in line with the kingdom’s strategic objective of engaging stakeholders and enhancing strategic partnerships. The meetings are part of the regional engagements the Premier is holding with various leaders.

Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom Prime Minister, Andrew Byakutaaga, (centre) inside St Mathew’s COU Cathedral under construction. He was led by the Bishop of Masindi Kitara Diocese, the Rt Rev George William Kasangaki (second right).

The kingdom delegation included Nyendwoha Mutiti, the kingdom First Deputy Prime Minister, Wilson Wairindi, the kingdom production Minister, Hajji Muhamudu Kazimbiraine, a member of the Kingdom Royal Commission and Abdullah Serunkuuma, a representative of Masindi municipality to Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom Parliament among others.


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