Masindi veterinary officer under fire over incompetence

Stray dogs in town

The Masindi Municipal Veterinary Officer, Dr Proscovia Nambajwa, is under fire over alleged incompetence.

It all started during council meeting yesterday when the Mayor of Masindi municipality, Mr Joab Busiinge, accused the veterinarian of failing to deal with the increasing number of stray dogs loitering around town.

The mayor said that the dogs have now become a danger to people with many reported cases of dog bites in the town.

The politician wondered why Dr Nambajwa has failed to handle the matter despite the available measures to deal with the canines.

Audio: Busiinge on stray dogs (English)

During council meeting chaired by Speaker Phinehas Abigaba, Mr Busiinge also accused the veterinary officer of leaving her supervisors in the field during the distribution of irrigation pumps to farmers before the exercise ended last year.

Audio: Busiinge on field (English)

The female councillor for Kikwanana Ward, Ms Sylvia Karungi, tasked the Municipal Town Clerk, Mr Joel Musisi, to explain why he ignored their advice to appoint a junior officer to head the veterinary department as Dr Nambajwa nears her retirement age.

Audio: Karungi on Nambajwa (Runyoro/Rutooro)

Other councillors supported the mayor and Ms Karungi questioning why Dr Nambajwa left her political supervisors in the field.

Audio: Councillors on Nambajwa (English)

Mr Musisi, the town clerk, tasked Dr Nambajwa to respond to the accusations leveled against her before council.

Audio: Musisi on Nambajwa (English)

In her defence, Dr Nambajwa admitted leaving her supervisors in the field but said that it was due to health reasons.

However, the doctor denied she escaped adding that she delegated Mr Davis Barungi, the Municipal Agricultural Officer.

In all, Dr Nambajwa apologised to the councillors for the messes promising to sensitise the owners of the dogs and also vaccinate them.

Audio: Nambajwa on apology (English)

However, the mayor dismissed the veterinarian’s defence insisting that she did everything deliberately.

Audio: Busiinge on Nambajwa (English)


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