Masindi woman detained for defiling five boys in turns

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Police in Masindi are holding a 24-year-old woman on charges of defiling five boys at Kamurasi Cell in Nyangahya Division, Masindi Municipality.

The suspect identified as Scovia Nyamusana and resident of the same area reportedly defiled the boys ranging from eight to 11 years in turns at her home on Wednesday.

Ms Safina Mbabazi, a mother to one of the defiled boys told our reporter at Masindi police station where she had gone to record a statement that she was called by neighbours informing her that Nyamusana had been caught red handed defiling the boys in her room.

Ms Mbabazi said that she reported Nyamusana to the area defence secretary, Mr Haruna Mukasa, who in turn took her to police for legal management.

“Nyamusana took inside two of her neighbour’s children, closed the door, undressed them and told each of them to lie on her in turns. But my eldest son went in and found all the children and the woman [Nyamusana] nude. He asked her what they were doing and Nyamusana said, “Oh Junior, forgive me. I ask you to penalise these children and I will give you some money. Don’t reveal anything.” Later, my son told my daughter-in-law who rang me to come immediately since Abwoli [Nyamusana] had been playing sex with the boys.”

Audio: Mbabazi on defilement (Runyoro/Rutooro)

Ms Mbabazi added that on being asked about the incident, the children said that Nyamusana had defiled them several times promising them money in case they did not reveal the heinous act.

She believes that Nyamusana intended to infect the children with HIV since she had multiple sexual partners.

“The chairman referred us to police and also told us to go with the village defence secretary warning us against letting her go. It seems that she [Nyamusana] has been playing sex with these children because when we asked them, they said that it was the second time doing such an act promising them money and threatening to beat them once they revealed it,” Ms Mbabazi explained.

Adding: “Perhaps that woman intended to infect those children with HIV because she had been having multiple sexual partners in this area. We think she wanted to infect our children with HIV who can die at a young age. She has been having sex with many men here.”  

Audio: Mbabazi on motive (Runyoro/Rutooro)

Ms Joyce Anguperu, another mother of three of the defiled children said that her 11-year-old son told her that Nyamusana locked them inside her room, stripped them naked and told them to play sex with her.

“When I retired back home at 6pm, the children told me that Abwoli Mrs Adinan locked them inside the house, undressed them before telling them to lie on top of her. My eight-year-old son told me that he lay on top of Nyamusana before another one also did the same. This forced me to call the chairman and the defence secretary. The defence secretary hastened and we arrested Nyamusana and took her to police.”

Audio: Anguperu on defilement (Runyoro/Rutooro)

Mr Haruna Mukasa, the area defence secretary confirmed that Nyamusana was arrested and handed over to Masindi police station on Wednesday evening on charges of defilement.

“I received information that Nyamusana had raped the children. This prompted me to mobilise some able-bodied youth to go and find out about the matter. However, on reaching at her home, I found that the residents had already arrested and seated her on a motorcycle to take her to police. When I asked her if she had done the act, she admitted having played sex with the children one by one. However, she attributed it to the influence of alcohol,” he said.

Adding: “We took her to the police where, on interrogation, she also admitted having committed the crime. The children also said they had played sex with Nyamusana in turns,” Mr Mukasa told this website.

Audio: Mukasa on defilement (Runyoro/Rutooro)

When contacted, the Albetine Regional Police Publicist, Mr Julius Allan Hakiza, confirmed the arrest adding that the police are investigating the matter.

Penal Code Act

In 2007, Section 129 of the Penal Code Act was amended and the amendment was phenomenal. It changed the crime from being defilement of girls under the age of 18 to defilement of a person under 18 years of age.

This means that the current law punishes the defilement of both girls and boys. This was a grave anomaly which had hitherto discriminated against the boy child.


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