Medical doctors vote to censure their president for kneeling before Museveni

Dr Samuel Odongo Oledo. (Image: Courtesy)

The Uganda Medical Association (UMA) has raised enough signatures needed to censure their president, Dr Samuel Oledo, for leading a team of doctors to kneel before President Museveni at the weekend

According to an online poll, 425 doctors participated, with 170 of them calling for UMA general assembly to censure Dr Oledo.

The online poll was generated by Dr Ronald Kazibwe, a member of the association and colleague, Ms Gladys Atto.

The poll results were attached to a letter addressed to the association Secretary General in which the doctors are asking for an urgent meeting to discuss the censure motion and also forge a way forward to cushion against future acts like these that they say undermine their association constitution.

According to article 15 of the Association Constitution, an extraordinary General Meeting can be called upon a requisition made in writing by a quarter of registered members.

Currently, 401 members are registered and have paid their subscription fees for 2022. This means that more than a quarter has approved calling for the meeting.

However, Dr Herbert Luswata, the UMA Secretary General said the National Executive Committee (NEC) is looking into the matter and an appropriate communication will be made when the matter is resolved.

But, sections of doctors have since Sunday been asking Dr Oledo to publicly apologise or resign.

For instance, Dr Mukuzi Muhereza, a former Secretary General of the Association explained to journalists that the doctor violated Article 3 of their constitution which requires them to be non-partisan and maintain a high standard of professional ethics.

Dr Muhereza says Dr Oledo abused powers entrusted to him as the president of the association, therefore, should tender an apology or resign.

When this was put to Dr Oledo, he disregarded it as “mere propaganda.”

Now, with this written call for the meeting, the NEC has 21 days to convene the event or else the petitioners are given a leeway to go ahead with the meeting as long as they comprise a quarter of the members of the association.

Dr Oledo on Saturday publicly endorsed President Yoweri Museveni to stand for the presidency in 2026.

Together with a group of others donning clinical coats, Dr Oledo had been attending an NRM Youth Symposium in Kololo when they knelt before President Museveni saying the doctors of Uganda are asking him to stand for the presidency again, a position which was never endorsed by the members.

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