Medics move to censure their president for kneeling before Museveni

Doctors kneeling before President Museveni at Kololo on Saturday. (Image: Courtesy)

Members of the Uganda Medical Association (UMA) have drawn up a motion seeking to censure their president, Dr Samuel Odongo Oledo, for leading a team of about 50 doctors to kneel before President Museveni, asking him to contest again come 2026.

Some members of UMA, which has disassociated itself from Dr Oledo;s actions, said he is not fit to lead them and his actions are a disgrace to their body.

In a statement released moments after Dr Oledo’s actions, UMA said they always engage with President Museveni in formal and professional ways and not by kneeling.

“Uganda Medical Association has always engaged with President Museveni through formal, professional ways including appreciating him through our Annual Awards. The act of kneeling by Dr Oledo and the team doesn’t represent Modus Operandi of the Association,” they said.

The Association Vice President, Dr Edith Nakku Joloba, clarifies in a statement that their president attended the particular meeting in his personal capacity but not as UMA and his communication at that meeting were not representing his official position at UMA.

“UMA president was recorded in several clips making statements at the NRM Youth Symposium at Kololo, alongside some medical students and nurses; persons who did not represent UMA NEC at the meeting.” She said.

‘UMA disassociates itself from any and all partisan political action or acts and is constitutionally required to do so.” Dr Joloba added

And now it has emerged that UMA members are collecting signatures to start the censure of their president.

In the censure motion, a copy of which has Kazi-njema News has seen, the doctors accuse Dr Oledo, who is a sworn ruling party member, of serving selfish interests and not those of the body.

Dr Joel Mirembe, a Member of the UMA National Governing Council, also condemned Dr Oledo’s action.

“He did not kneel because he is passionate about the doctors’ welfare and the healthcare of the common person. He knelt because he is eyeing something personal – looting from Kaguta Museveni. We dissociate ourselves from such disgusting antics,” he said.

On Saturday, during the Patriotism For Youth and Investment Symposium at Kololo Independence Grounds, the doctors led by the UMA president, Dr Oledo knelt down to thank Mr Museveni for his alleged ‘visionary leadership.”

During his speech, Dr Oledo said Mr Museveni had done a great job in transforming Uganda’s health system as well as improving the welfare of medical workers

But the action of the medical doctors has drawn public condemnation with top most politicians weighing in.

Alliance for National Transformation President Maj Gen (Rtd) Gregory Mugisha Muntu, described the doctors’ action as a sign of state capture.

“It is going to take God’s hand to restore people to a sense of self-worth and dignity after the regime change. The levels of degradation & debasement in the peoples’ psyche (including the educated) is deep. It has reached frightening levels,” he said.

Dr Kizza Besigye said: “If this is true, I am very ashamed to a member of the profession! The 37yr NRM/M7 Junta has brought Ug’s healthcare system to its knees. This would beg the question whether our profession has also gone to the dogs or is it a disgraceful leadership?”

Kampala Deputy Lord Mayor, Ms Doreen Nyanjura tweeted: “In the Sudan revolution, Doctors are at the forefront facing off with the military, treating those wounded in the struggle for democracy. Keeping a tally of the dead & telling the world of the toll. In Uganda, they are on their knees begging da despot to oppress us even further! Tomorrow, you will hear them laying down their tools for better working conditions. Oh Uganda!”

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