Mentally ill man axes mother to death over thwarted sex demand in Gulu

ASP Jimmy Patrick Okema, the Aswa River Region Police Spokesperson (File photo)

A mentally ill man has axed his mother to death after refusing to play sex with him at Mican Cell in Bardege-Layibi Division, Gulu City.

It is reported that Michael Tolit, 26, who has so far suffered from mental disorder for 10 years, approached his mother, Roslyn Acan, 48, demanding for sex with her at around 11pm on Thursday, March 4, 2021.

The Aswa River Regional Police Spokesperson, ASP Jimmy Patrick Okema, told Kazi-njema News that after Tolit’s demand, his mother decided to flee to the neighbour’s but she was outrun by her son, caught up with her, dragged into her house, locked the door and started axing her.

Tolit started chopping his mother amid screams that attracted the neighbours to salvage her from her mentally ill son.

However, efforts to rescue her hit a snag after the neighbours realised that the door was locked, forcing them to call the police.

By the time the police arrived at the scene and broke the door open, Tolit had already killed his mother having chopped off her legs at the knees, cut her in the abdomen with the intestines sticking out, axed her in the chest and other upper limbs multiple times and crushed her head.

“When they [Tolit and Acan] entered her [Acan’s] house at about 11pm, she was heard screaming while being cut. They [Tolit and Acan] had locked themselves from inside. People started breaking the door to save her. But it was not easy,” ASP Okema told our correspondent in Gulu.

Mr Okema said that the police found the deceased and her son naked.

During the rescue mission, Tolit sustained injuries on his right hand after he attempted to grab and throw back a teargas canister that the police had tossed inside the house, the police officer added.

Tolit was later overpowered, arrested and taken to Gulu Regional Referral Hospital to be treated for the injuries he sustained on the hand.

Meanwhile, Acan’s body was taken to Gulu Regional Referral Hospital where postmortem was conducted before the it was handed to the relatives for burial.

Mr Okema said that investigations into the gruesome killing were underway.


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