Minister advises churches on income projects, stop relying on offertories

Ms Milly Babalanda, the Minister of the Presidency, cuts a ribbon at the dedication of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Uganda in Masindi. (Image: Moses Andama)

Churches have been encouraged and advised to initiate income generating activities to enable them make money that will enable them run their needs and transform the followers financially.

Speaking at the dedication of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Uganda as well as the launch its Bunyoro Community Multipurpose Sacco in Masindi, the Minister of the Presidency, highlighted the significance of churches establishing income generating projects saying it enables them to avoid over-dependency on offertories from their followers.

Ms Milly Babalanda said that through the various income projects instituted, churches can also empower their followers financially, through establishing savings and loan schemes, thus, contributing to government’s efforts of fighting poverty across the divide.

The minister noted that with the ongoing oil activities in Bunyoro region, Christians can make use of their different talents to make money from the resource to develop themselves and their churches citing job opportunities and establishment of businesses that attract employees in the oil sector to buy from them among others for religious-socio-economic transformation.

“I urge the church to develop and continue with the financial saving culture to enable it reduce on relying on offertories only. This will be a surer way of broadening church income base. Setting up financial projects like Saccos can help the church to be financially stable and the church should again help its followers to get out of poverty by providing them with loans. Such will be the best way for a modern church to stand the financial hiccups that are often experienced irrespective of any status,” Ms Babalanda said.

Speaking at the dedication and launch of the church and Sacco respectively, the Dean Mid-western Deanery cum resident priest Evangelical Lutheran Church of Uganda in Masindi, the Rev Raymond Kaija, said that most times churches rely on the spiritual aspect of their mission neglecting the financial facet yet it is equally important as the spiritual one in one’s daily life.

He said that the Lutheran Church looks forward to establishing more income generating projects like a seed bank among others focusing on transforming Christians’ livelihood besides the Sacco that will in turn generate income for the religious institution.

The priest revealed that the church Sacco has more than 400 members while the plan to construct a Lutheran church in Masindi began way back in 2016.

The function was also attended by the Archbishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya, Joseph Ochoka Omolo and political leaders and public servants including Resident District/City Commissioners from Bunyoro region.


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