Minister dissatisfied over slow pace of road works in Hoima

World Bank awarded a-Shs19b contract to upgrade 118.1 km of roads to first-class murram in Hoima. The project is under the Ministry of Lands, housing and urban development. Courtesy photo

Lands, Housing and Urban Development Minister, Ms Betty Kamya, is displeased at the slow pace of road rehabilitation works under in Hoima District.

The five-year multi-sectoral plan project is being implemented under the Albertine Region Sustainable Development Project (ARSDP).

The project is aimed to improve regional and local access to infrastructure, market and skills development in the Albertine region.

In 2019, with funding from the World Bank, the government of Uganda awarded Abubaker Technical Services and General Supplies Limited a-Shs19b-contract to upgrade a 118.1 km road stretch to first-class murram in Hoima.

 The project is under the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development.

Rehabilitation work that began in April 2019 was projected to be completed by April 2020.

The roads under this project include: Kihombya-Kyarubanga-Bukerenge, Kiboirya-Iseisa-Kigorobya, Kitoba-Kabasengya-Kiboijana and Waaki-Kiryabutuzi-Mparangasi.

Others are Bulindi-Waaki-Dwoli, Kyakapeya-Kisiita-Kibaire and Kafo-Wagesa-Buraru.

During an impromptu inspection of the roads today (Friday), Ms Kamya was shocked to learn that only 20% of the road works had been executed prompting her to task the contractor to furnish her office with a full report on why they have delayed in executing the entire road works.

“The road works were supposed to last 12 months. But I am surprised to see that only a small percentage has been done. I need a report as to why you have failed to beat the time agreed upon.”

In his response, Abubaker Technical Services Resident Engineer, Mr Enock Kalema, explained that they could not meet the deadline due to the heavy rains that pounded Hoima since August last year, thus, frustrating their operations.

Kalema added that they were forced to halt road works for two months due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

However, he said the road works will be completed by November, this year.

The project was initiated by the government as a result of the oil discovery in the region generating high expectations and influx of people in the region in search of jobs and revenue and overall economic development.


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