Minister Mugasa investigates deletion of Kagadi civil servants from payroll

Public Service State Minister, Ms Grace Mary Mugasa (C), Kagadi RDC, Ms Lillian Ruteraho (L) and Kagadi District Chairman, Mr Yosiya Ndibwami.

Public Service State Minister, Ms Grace Mary Mugasa, has rushed to Kagadi District to investigate circumstances under which a section of civil servants were deleted from the payroll.

In her probe, Ms Mugasa first engaged the District Executive Committee (DEC) led by the District Chairman, Mr Yosia Ndibwami, before convening a closed door meeting with the district technocrats and the Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Ms Lillian Ruteraho.

Talking to the press shortly after the meeting, Ms Mugasa said her investigation follows complaints from the affected civil servants petitioning her that they were deleted from the payroll illegally.

In their petition, the undisclosed number of civil servants threatened to drag the government to court saying they were scrapped from the payroll illegally.

“They have been telling me about their problems including non-payment of salary and being deleted from the payroll. Some of them say it is now seven months having been deleted from the payroll yet financial institutions are demanding them to pay back loans. I have come here to find a way forward with the district authorities having been found that there was a mistake,” Ms Mugasa said.

Sound bite: Mugasa on deleted civil servants (Runyoro/Rutooro)

Ms Mugasa said during the meeting, it was also realised that there were irregularities committed in the recruitment exercise by the former District Human Resource Officer, Mr Vincent Musinguzi.

She said Mr Musinguzi enrolled some people on the government payroll without following the legal recruitment procedure.

The minister promised to expedite the investigations so the matter can be addressed urgently.

“You have recruited teachers formally but after you receive some money from another person. You find that such a person wants to make our district pay dearly through court because if you recruited them formally, appointed them formally and accessed the payroll formally, they will drag you to court and Kagadi district local government will end up paying a lot of money.” The minister said.

Sound bite: Mugasa on irregularities (Runyoro/Rutooro)

Mr Ndibwami, the district chairman, said the aggrieved civil servants complain that they are not being paid their salary yet they were recruited into the civil service formally.

However, the chairman added that there are allegations that the civil servants did not pass through the legal channels.

Sound bite: Ndibwami on civil servants (Runyoro/Rutooro)

“There are some civil servants who have lodged their complaints in the minister’s office saying they are no longer being paid for a period of seven months now despite being confirmed. There are allegations that these people were illegally recruited forcing the Ministry of Public Service, the IGG and the Police to come in and investigate. As we talk, the file is with the Director of Public Prosecutions to tell us who is in wrong either the employer or the employee. On our side, the in charge of that recruitment exercise was suspended for six months and we are waiting for feedback from Kampala so we can tell he people what the outcome is.” Mr Ndibwami said.

Ms Ruteraho, the RDC decried the increasing corruption among some district technocrats messing up with government jobs to enrich themselves selfishly.

“We are grateful that the relevant minister has come to deal with the matter,” Ms Ruteraho said.

Sound bite: Ruteraho on civil defamation (Runyankore/Rukiga)


  1. Wonderful leader.
    She has kept the charisma and strong-will she had when she was Mayor of Hoima city.
    I also give kudos to the Kagadi RDC and District Chairman!!


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