Mob kills Masindi man over cattle theft

An irate mob this (Tuesday) morning lynched a man in his early 40s after he was allegedly caught trying to steal cows belonging to Ms Zahara Ruraliire at Nyakibete Cell in Bigando Ward, Masindi Municipality.

The deceased has been identified only as Tumwine a resident of the same area.

Talking to our reporter at the scene, Ms Ruraliire explained that it was at around 1:30am when a night watchman realised that there was an intruder in the kraal. This forced him to sound an alarm that attracted the neighbours who surrounded him, ran amok and beat him to death.

“It was raining at midnight when I woke up my grandson, Faisal to go out and check if the night watchman was awake. When we reached there, we found him awake and we decided to go back inside the house. However, we sat in the sitting room. When it clocked around 1:30pm, we heard the night watchman sound an alarm and so were some neighbours.”

“He had already driven out six cows ready to be loaded onto a canter lorry. So, when he tried to jump onto the lorry, he failed and we arrested him. People continued sounding alarm until many gathered; beat him up until he died.

Audio: Ruraliire narrates (Runyoro/Rutooro)

The widow told the press that a week ago, thieves broke into her kraal before fleeing with her three cows.

By press time deceased still lay at Ms Rulekere’s home. Neither police nor local leaders were at the scene.


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