MP Tinkasiimire willing to replace 100 iron sheets

The Buyaga West Member of Parliament in Kagadi District, Mr Barnabas Tinkasiimire. (Image: Courtesy)

The Buyaga West County Member of Parliament in Kagadi District, Mr Barnabas Tinkasiimire who received 100 iron sheets, has expressed willingness to buy and replace them if it is confirmed that they were part of the relief items meant for Karamoja Community Empowerment Programme.

Mr Tinkasiimire is among the more than 30 legislators named in the iron sheets saga.

Speaking to our stringer, the lawmaker said he received the iron sheets in April 2022 from the Minister of Bunyoro Affairs as an affirmative ministerial vote before the president launched the distribution of iron sheets in June later that year in Karamoja.

Mr Tinkasiimire said he and fellow MPs is going to ask the minister for Bunyoro Affairs, Ms Jennifer Namuyangu, to present a statement before parliament to MPs from Bunyoro region.

“We are going to ask the Minister for Bunyoro Affairs to make a statement on the floor of House and tell us where she got those iron sheets that she gave us. If she says these iron sheets I gave to the MPs of Bunyoro were part of the Karamoja consignment, I will go to Roofings, buy those sheets (100 iron sheets). Even when I don’t have money, I will borrow,” he said.


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