MPs propose to scrap office of RDCs

Mbale City Member of Parliament, Jack Wamanga Wamai. (Courtesy photo).

Members of Parliament have proposed a bill that seeks to have the position of Resident District Commissioners (RDCs) scrapped.

The proposal was tabled by Mr Jack Wamanga Wamai, the Mbale City Member of Parliament who also proposed that ministers should be appointed from professionals of various fields and not from within the Members of Parliament to promote efficiency in service delivery.

“We also need to save money by abolishing positions of RDCs. This is wasteful expenditure as these duplicate roles,” Mr Wamai told the plenary.

Mr Wamai was supported by the Obongi County Member of Parliament, Kaps Fungaroo.

“Why does the President need to be represented in the district? Doesn’t the President believe in the office of LC 5 and other leaders in the district?” Mr Fungaroo wondered.

Adding: “We need to abolish the office of the RDC. We have RDCs who behave as though they are Presidents.”

RDCs assist in Local Government structure Units when so requested, preparation of local development plans, local investment programmes and preparation of programme/project proposals for possible official development assistance.

Uganda has at least 145 RDCs and 87 deputies.


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