Murchison Falls National Park overflows, Pakwach Road cut off

Part of the road along Pakwach Highway few metres from Pakwach Bridge being swallowed by water from Murchison Falls National Game Park yesterday Monday, October 26, 2020.

Several travellers on Monday were stranded for about six hours as over 1,000 vehicles got stuck on the road following the rising water level at Pakwach Highway just before Pakwach Bridge.

The water level reportedly began rising at around 6pm until the road became impassable forcing travellers to wait until midnight when it started reducing.

The Pakwach Community Liaison Officer (CLO), Mr Dominic Owinyjuru, attributed the water rise to a flood from Murchison Falls National Game Park following a heavy rain that pounded the area the previous day.

The CLO added that the rain coerced a Chinese company constructing a bridge connecting Tangi Gate to divert the running waterway resulting in the flooding of the road.

Audio: Owinyjuru on flooded road (English)


This is the second incident since the company started the road construction inside the national game park.

The first one took place last year.


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