NRM has abandoned you for long- Kabuleta tells Northern Uganda

Presidential aspirant, Mr Joseph Kabuleta

Presidential candidate, Mr Joseph Kabuleta, has promised to implement an affirmative action to speed up the economic recovery of Northern Uganda after suffering the effects of the two-decade armed rebellion.

Speaking in Gulu city, Mr Kabuleta explained that while the rest of Uganda was largely peaceful and having unhindered economic growth, northern region stagnated due to the rebellion, thus, the population need a special government programme.

The presidential hopeful says with the arable farmland in the countryside, if elected, his government will provide an enabling environment to stimulate agriculture production so the region becomes the food basket of the country and neighbouring countries.

The aspirant accused the ruling National Resistance Movement government under President Yoweri Museveni “for deliberately impoverishing Ugandans through corruption and lack of political will to improve the ailing education and health sectors”.

He promised to restore democracy and governance in the country by reversing all the changes made to the constitution by the NRM government to favour President Museveni and reinstate term limits.

Ms Agnes Lagum, a voter in Laroo, Gulu city East Division said Mr Kabuleta aspirant has “highlighted human interest issues depicting the kind of the next president the country is longing for”.

Another voter, Mr Joshua Gerald Oduka, a resident of senior quarters observed that Mr Kabuleta “has a good focus for the country especially his emphasis on fighting corruption and improving the education sector by improving the salary for teachers”.

Ms Irene Laker, a mother living with disability in Vanguard Parish noted that the candidate highlighted convincing plans of fighting corruption which “has characterised the NRM government to the benefit of the few at the expense of the majority”.


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