Nwoya fears returning over Shs500m to central government if IGG’s suspension of recruitment exercise stands

Deputy Inspector General of Government, Mariam Fauzat Wangadya. (Courtesy photo).

The Nwoya District Chairman, Patrick Okello Oryema, is worried that the district may return Shs509m to the central government by the end of this 2020/21 financial year if the Inspector General of Government (IGG’s) suspension of the district recruitment exercise is upheld.

The ombudsman halted the recruitment exercise of civil servants in the district local government citing irregularities reported by some anonymous person.

The district local government was to recruit 16 civil servants by April this year with salary earnings between Shs200, 000 to Shs2.3m to be paid from April to June this year.

The District Information Officer, Geoffrey Azuma, said part of the money was meant to be gratuity and pension.

However, Mr Oryema says that now that the recruitment exercise was halted, the district cannot use the money and it will be forced to return it to the central government after June 30, 2021.

“The money was meant for those to be recruited as teachers, medical personnel and civil servants in sub-counties and payment for those that have been promoted. It’s good that the IGG said they are reporting back in a week’s time and we shall wait for the information whether good or bad,” Mr Oryema said.

Meanwhile, the IGG’s office started investigations into the alleged recruitment irregularities in the district on 6, this month, with Mr Oryema telling this website that the ombudsman took the District Executive Committee’s minutes to prove if the positions advertised were within the structure, requested by public service to give a waver to recruit and accepted by public service; and some few files they suspect to have issues.

However, the Nwoya District Chief Administrative Officer, Robert Norbert Nkuba, said he has not yet written off utilising the money before the close of the financial year.

“I think the best time to ask for the unspent money is after June 30, 2021,” said Mr Nkuba.

On April 27, 2021, Mariam Fauzat Wangadya the Deputy IGG, wrote to Nwoya district local government suspending the recruitment citing complaint of irregularities in the exercise filed to them by an anonymous person.

“The IGG has received a letter of complaint in which it was alleged that there were irregularities in the recruitment conducted by Nwoya local government for various positions in the district. The process in question was allegedly commenced around the beginning of 2020 by way of external advertisement. In light of this, you are hereby informed that the inspector of government has deemed it necessary to intervene and investigate the matter,” read the letter in part.


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