Nwoya patient presents Ebola-like signs

Dr Joseph Arike, the Anaka General Hospital Medical Superintendent. (Image: Denis Omony)

A 24-year-old man has been admitted to Anaka General Hospital Isolation Ward in Nwoya District after developing signs similar to Ebola hemorrhagic fever.

The patient was rushed to the health facility by his two colleagues from Delight Farm in Lungulu sub-county while vomiting blood and suffering from severe headache, according to the Anaka General Hospital Medical Superintendent, Dr Joseph Arike.

The patient’s two colleagues have also been isolated at the hospital as health workers watch their health condition.

The medic explained that according to the patient’s history, he had not moved out of the farm but could not rule out Ebola contact since the farm receives many visitors from within Nwoya district and beyond.

Dr Arike said the patient did not have any previous record of vomiting but developed vomiting blood for the past three days adding that the case was forwarded to Gulu Regional Referral Hospital from where medics were expected to travel to the district with officials from the Ministry of Health to take some samples for test.

However, the doctor said the patient’s health condition improved last night since he did not experience more vomiting; urging the community to remain calm and vigilant and detect any suspected signs of Ebola fever among themselves.

Dr Arike disclosed that despite the reported outbreak of Ebola in the country, the health facility does not have packaging material for blood samples besides having inadequate personal protective equipment.

However, he said the hospital administration have requisitioned the ministry of health to supply them with the equipment so that frontline health workers can respond to any cases of the deadly disease.

In order to prepare for the epidemic, health workers at Anaka General Hospital have been trained how to respond to and handle Ebola patients.

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