Nwoya police arrest driver over flouting EC guidelines

Mr Patrick Okello Oryema, talks to the press in Nwoya.

Nwoya police has today (Thursday) arrested Mr Ismail Abu-Bakr- a driver to one of the aspiring Nwoya County Member of Parliament for carrying an excess number of supporters to the Electoral Commission (EC) offices for the nomination exercise.

Mr Abu-Bakr was arrested driving a Hipsum vehicle Reg. No UAN 009R that was carrying six people escorting Mr Patrick Okello Oryema, an aspirant for Nwoya County parliamentary seat on an independent ticket.

The number of people being carried was in breach of the guidelines set by the EC.

Mr Oryema said Mr Abu-Bakr was escorting him before he was apprehended few metres to Nwoya EC offices allegedly on the orders of the District Police Commander, Mr Filbert Waibi.

Audio: Oryema on arrest (English)
The vehicle in contention impounded and parked at Nwoya Central Police Station as its driver is detained for flouting the Electoral Commission guidelines.

However, when contacted, Mr Waibi denied he was aware of the incident.

But by the time of this publication, Mr Abu-Bakr was still in custody and the vehicle impounded and parked at Nwoya Central Police Station.

“We are trying to manage the situation still but on those defying the nomination guideline. However, I am not yet aware of any arrest,” said Mr Waibi.

Electoral Commission guideline

According to the EC guideline, any person using a vehicle for the purpose of his/her nomination, shall have no more than two vehicles in the convoy and each vehicle shall bear police stickers and shall not carry more than three persons including the driver.


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