Nwoya registers poor turn up of semi candidates on first day of third term opening

Nwoya District Senior Inspector of Schools, Phonic Kidega Onekalit, in his office on November 19, 2020.

There was a poor student turn up in Nwoya district as third term for semi candidates opened countrywide yesterday (Monday).

At Agung Community Seed Secondary School, only two out of 32 students; both girls reported to school, according to the school head teacher, Ben Otto Kasule.

Mr Kasule said that although only two students turned up, 12 teachers out of 21 reported on duty and lessons were conducted as usual.

Audio: Kasule on students’ turn up (English)

At Coo-rom primary school, only three pupils out of 16 reported for studies, 46 out of 63 reported at Paminyai primary school, 14 out of 54 turned up at Oruka primary school and nine out of 36 reported at Kulu Amuka primary school.

At Lulyango primary school, only four out 73 pupils reported for studies and 20 out of 54 learners turned up at Agung primary school.

The Nwoya District Senior Inspector of Schools, Phonic Kidega Onekalit, said the first week of the opening term is always tricky in the district as most parents do not value it.

“Education involves all stakeholders for a better performance. Keeping learners off may have a negative impact on their performance,” Mr Onekalit warned.

He said that the education department and the partner stakeholders are now in inexorable mobilisation of parents to send their children to school before it is too late.


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