Nwoya woman batters husband into coma for helping niece with Shs70, 000

Boda Boda riders at Te-tido Stage where Okia stages in Anaka Town Council.

A 30-year-old man, Patrick Okia, is battling for his life at Anaka General Hospital after being battered by his wife for helping his niece with Shs70, 000 at Olony Cell, Olony Sub-ward in Anaka Town Council, Nwoya District.

The Olony Village Chairman, Mr William Lumayo Ocan, told this online news portal that Okia was battered by his wife, Nancy Aol at around midnight on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

The chairman said Aol picked a quarrel with her husband- a boda-boda rider at Te-tido stage in Anaka town council earlier in the day for giving money to his niece so she could pay her child’s medical bill.

Angry for the assistance, Aol followed her husband to her co-wife’s bedroom where she hit him in the abdomen with a log into coma bleeding profusely.

This forced Aol’s co-wife to report the matter to the village authorities who rushed Okia to Anaka General Hospital where he is currently admitted.

Mr Ocan said he personally never expected a brawl between Okia and his wife since the village authorities had already settled the matter amicably.

Voice over: Ocan on domestic brawl (English)


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