One dies in Lamwo football fight

The Aswa River region police spokesperson, Mr Jimmy Patrick Okema. (File photo).

One person has died following a football fight that broke out between amateur players at Tumanon Village in Puba Parish, Agoro Sub-county in Lamwo District.

The deceased has been identified as Churchill Owaci, 22, resident of the same area.

Our reporter says it all started when an opponent dribbled past defender Owaci before scoring a goal in a match played on Saturday, October 10, 2020, at around 6pm.

The score infuriated Owaci’s team mate, Joel Okello, 19, who exchanged verbal artillery with him resulting in a fight.

The exchange coerced Francis Opiyo, 23, to join the fight in defence of his brother, Okello, by kicking the deceased in his private parts and the head.

Owaci collapsed and was rushed to Agoro Health Centre 3 but died on the way, according to an eye witness, Mr Nixon Akena.

“It was during the match that one side scored a goal and the players whose side lost developed a misunderstanding blaming their defender Churchill Owaci for his poor defence tactics leading to the opponent’s score. The two brothers beat up Owaci to unconsciousness. An attempt was made to rush Owaci to Agoro health centre but died on the way,” Mr Akena told this website.

Cultural intervention

The Lugorone and Paliwango clan members of the deceased and the perpetrators of the murder convened a meeting that put the situation to rest as they handle matter.

Government’s take

The Aswa River region police publicist, Mr Jimmy Patrick Okema, confirms the report saying the duo was arrested yesterday (Sunday), October 11, 2020 with a murder case registered at Agoro police post vide reference number CRB 201/2020.

These await transfer to Lamwo central police station.

 “It is only the postmortem which is yet to be done but we have already recorded statements from relevant eye witnesses,” Mr Okema told Kazi-njema News.

The law

Article 188 of the Penal Code Act stipulates that any person who of malice aforethought causes the death of another person by an unlawful act or omission; commits murder and shall be sentenced to death as maximum punishment.


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