Opinion: Activist demands transparency in the 2008 Oil and Gas Policy Review

I am convinced that the policy review is long overdue after expiration in 2018. The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development could have started taking serious transparent steps of public engagement.

Short of urgent action, we shall continue losing out since we are soon witnessing the Final Investment Decision (FID) in Uganda’s oil industry.

I, Dickens Amanya, hope that the policy could help to address a number of issues that have been deepening the gap between the oil project host communities and local leaders created by the expired policy because a lot have changed since 2008 when oil was still too new to Ugandans to identify their positions and argue knowledgably.

It is now than tomorrow that line ministries and authorities do the needful to make local content a reality and avoid the oil curse.

Details of this opinion by Dickens Amanya, the Coordinator for Bunyoro Petroleum Network on Environmental Conservation (BAPANECO) are in the video shot below:

Dickens Amanya, Coordinator BAPANECO, wants transparency in the 2008 Oil and Gas Policy Review. He talks to Kazi-njema’s John Kibego about the matter.


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