Over 400 natural trees planted in Fort Portal City on International Earth Day

Fort Portal City Central Division Mayor, Richard Muhumuza, plants a natural tree during celebrations to mark World Earth Day in Fort Portal City on Friday. (Courtesy photo)

The African Young Environmental Activist (AFRIYEA) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) calls upon different individuals, organisations and government departments to take serious actions to protect the environment in the country.

Mr Isaiah Mwesige says conserving environment is not a one person’s struggle since negative effects arising from its destruction impacts on all living organisms world over.

“If there is a war we need to fight collectively, it is the war against environmental destruction. As our environment adapts to and seeks to mitigate the impacts of climate change, trees should be looked at as the lungs of our planet and all efforts carried out to protect it should be greatly recognised as powerful tools in minimising the effects,” he says.

The CEO reminds people of the innumerable benefits of trees specifically to people saying clearing them puts their life in irrevocable danger.

“Trees provide a myriad of benefits including clean air, food, clean water and medicine among others which are important attributes humans depend on every day,” he adds.

Ms Joanita A;ayo, a team leader from the Ministry of Water and Environment under the Albertine Water and Management zone said that the practice of celebrating earth day should be made to happen annually so that several communities can be given light on the benefits of environmental conservation and protection.

She adds that the protection and preservation of water and environment resources is key to preserving livelihoods as well as survival of future generations stressing that her Ministry is committed to preserving these resources.

“We have a catchment management plan in place for Mpanga Catchment aimed at restoring and protecting River Mpanga and areas benefiting from it,” she says.

The team leader also encourages the public to adopt a culture of re-afforestation, wetland protection, proper garbage disposal, proper farming methods and proper sanitation practices in a bid to protect and conserve the environment.

Mr Said Islam Musa from Tooro Botanical Gardens says he fancies the young generation being part of teams working hard to protect and conserve the environment.

The Fort Portal Central Division Mayor, Mr Richard Muhumuza, says he is pleased seeing a young generation taking lead in environmental conservation adding that his Division is willing to support environmental conservation activities.

He reveals that the Division authorities are working hard to remove people whose activities are endangering the sustainability of River Mpanga.

This when he officiated at the function to celebrate the Earth Day in Fort Portal City Friday where participants in this cause planted more than 400 trees as part of phase one for this campaign and promised to plant much more in times to come.

The event held at Tooro Club was organised by AFRIYEA in collaboration with the Ministry of Water and Environment, Tooro Botanical Gardens, Joint Society Needs, Joint for Water, Tooro Club and other environment bases organisations.


Earth Day is an annual event on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. First held on April 22, 1970.


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