Plastic waste generates income for Hoima youths

Youths deal in plastic management in Hoima City.

A partial solution to plastic garbage problem in Hoima city has generated a source of livelihood for more than 50 youths.

A private investor Lilaew Plastics is collecting plastic waste from all over Bunyoro region.

Mr Ivan Semwogerere, the company manager, reports a collection of about 60 tonnes of plastic garbage from Hoima city alone per month.

However, the investor is facing numerous challenges ranging from transportation to community attitude on plastic waste management.

Hoima City Environment Officer, Mr Ronald Kyamanywa, acknowledges that despite the solution, the plastic danger is growing with the swelling population of Hoima city which is Bunyoro’s regional capital.

At least a tonne of plastic garbage is collected in Hoima city alone per day, according to city reports.

Plastics are responsible for some cancers in human health and degrades both the soil, water and air whenever they are not responsibly handled.

Featured with support from Global Greengrant Fund (GGF)


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