PLE results: UNEB holds 2022 results for 5 schools in Hoima

In the 2022 Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) results released today, it has emerged that five schools in Hoima district have not received their results over non-payment of dues to the Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB).

The District Senior Education Officer, Ms Harriet Kihumuro, identifies the schools as Buraru COU, Kibiingo BCS, Kasomoro Muslim, Kyohairwe and Busanga.

However, she says their results will be released once those schools clear with UNEB.

Ms Kihumuro reveals that Hoima district has recorded 173 first grades out of the 3,923 registered candidates, 822 candidates were ungraded while 153 candidates never sat for their exams.

In other results, Fobbetto nursery and primary school – a privately owned establishment in Hoima city has had all their 120 candidates pass in Division 1 attaining 100 per cent of their score.

Five of them scored aggregate 4; 21 scored aggregate 5 while 30 scored aggregate 6.

Mr Dominic Karyarugoku, the school head teacher said the performance is a motivation to achieve better results for the next academic years.

At St Bernadette government aided primary school also in Hoima city, 37 candidates passed in Division 1; 77 in Division 2 and six in Division 3, according to the school head teacher, Sr Jacinta Komuhangi.

Only one candidate scored aggregate 6, three scored aggregate 7 and seven scored aggregate 8, the head teacher continued.

Sr Komuhangi attributed the performance to teachers and pupils’ commitment with the support from parents.

Out of 124 candidates who wrote their examinations, 114 candidates passed in first grade at St Jude primary school while 10 passed in the second grade. Six candidates scored aggregate 4.

Mr Samuel Oyata, the school head teacher attributed the academic performance to the good working relationship between the teachers and parents.

At Mapeera primary school also in Hoima city, all 51 candidates passed in Division 1.

Out of 30 candidates who wrote their PLE at Victorious Day and Boarding primary school in Hoima city, 26 passed in Division 1 while 4 passed in Division 2.

In some schools in Hoima district, out of 43 candidates who sat for their PLE at Butema United in Buhanika sub-county, 41 passed in Division 1 while 2 passed in second grade.

In Kikuube district, Canaan Day Model primary school, had all 31 candidates pass in grade one while at Kiziramfumbi United 10 passed in Division 1; 21 in Division 2 and 3 in Division 3.

Releasing the results at State Lodge Nakasero in Kampala, the Executive Director Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB), Mr Daniel Odong, said at least 97,109 candidates failed the 2022 PLE, although the general performance was better as compared to candidates who sat for the 2020 examinations.

He revealed that a total of 811,810 sat for the examinations out of the 832,654 who registered.

Out of those who sat 114,617 passed in first grade, 357,799 passed in grade two, 146,583 in third grade and 95,702 passed in fourth grade while 97,109 were not graded.

This means that a total of 714,702 out of 811,810 who sat for the universal examinations have passed the examinations and can proceed to post primary education, according to UNEB.

Mr Odong, however, said the 97,109 candidates who were not graded should repeat primary seven since they have not been graded.

He reported that more pupils qualified to join the post primary institutions than previous years.



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