Police commanders directed to intensify curfew operations

Police Operations Director, Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP) Edward Ochom.

Police commanders have been directed to intensify operations to crackdown on members of the public who violate Covid-19 guidelines including curfew and closure of bars.

The Police Operations Director, Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP) Edward Ochom, says in a messaged dated February 22, this year that it has been observed that criminality has increased at night because of failure to implement the guidelines.

“It has been observed that boda-boda riders are no longer observing curfew time as they are seen driving throughout the night. Equally, motor vehicles are not observing the 9pm curfew time and are seen at all times of the night. These continued activities have enabled crimes to escalate, increased cases of domestic violence, murders and robberies,” Mr Ochom says in the message.

The senior police officer adds that information has it that some bars and discotheques are protected by security officers to allow them operate despite a directive against them, thus, directing police commanders to intensify operations to clampdown on the violators of the guidelines as one of the avenues of reducing crimes in the country.

“You are instructed to immediately implement the Covid-19 regulations, have snap checks to regulate movements during curfew times and intensify foot and motorised patrols,” Mr Ochom directs.

Mr Ochom says alert squads will be sent out and any officer who will not comply will be dealt with by the police management.

The directive comes on the backdrop of increased cases of criminality in many parts of the country, especially during night hours.

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