Police stops demonstration against destruction of Bugoma forest

Map showing Bugoma mixed project that NEMA allowed Hoima Sugar Ltd to undertake amidst objection from environmentalists who argue that it is also part of Bugoma forest.

The Police Director of Operations, AIGP Edward Ochom, has informed the Albertine Regional Police Commander not to allow the planned demonstration against the destruction of Bugoma forest.

Led by Mr Venex Watebawa, an environmentalist, several people had planned to hold a peaceful demonstration opposing the destruction of Bugoma forest for sugarcane growing.

However, Mr Ochom did not reveal the date when the demonstration was scheduled to take place.

Recently, the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) allowed Hoima Sugar Ltd to use nine square miles of the contested land to grow sugarcane, which environmentalists are objected to saying it is part of Bugoma forest.

In his letter to the Albertine Regional Police Commander and the Commander Kampala Metropolitan Police, Mr Ochom says the planned demonstration by the Save Bugoma Forest Campaign Group, is unhealthy given the current COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

The police officer, therefore, says the police will not allow the demonstration to take place.

“In view of the threats currently caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, no demonstration can be allowed at this time,” reads the letter.

Mr Watebwa, the organiser of the Save Bugoma Forest Campaign Group is also notified not demonstrate as contained in the letter dated September 10, 2020 signed by Mr Ochom on behalf of the Inspector General of Police (IGP).


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